Everyone of us is a writer. A lot of people have thought of being a writer, yet many of them failed. It’s not for the lack of talent though…thing is, they just don’t know hot to get a book published.

Look, to have any chance of having your book published, there’s a procedure that you have to follow. Book publishing is a competitive field, with publishers getting hundreds on manuscripts piling up on their desks each and every week. It’ll take some doing just to get your manuscript seen.

One of the first things you should take note of is that nobody is going to accept unsolicited material and there are obvious reasons for this. One of the reasons is the number of lawsuits from writers claiming their work has been stolen… and not worth it for the publishers to go through all the hassles. Reputable publishers though will make it a requirement for you to ask permission first so that they’ll now have on record if any claims of theft crop up.

There’s also another reason as to why you can’t send unsolicited material. Publishers get so many manuscripts send to them on a regular basis that they simply don’t have the time to look through all of them. Because of the time constraint, unsolicited materials don’t even the chance to get looked at. So, make sure you get permission first before you send over something or else you’re just wasting your own time.

Another thing you need to know is to provide a professional looking presentation which will better the chance of it being looked at.

This is an involved process and the space in this article just doesn’t allow me to go deep into detail as to what this means. You just can’t just slap something together and stuff it in an envelope.

Always remember to send in your submissions in a professional manner. Most people do not realise this but in a book submission, for the purpose of getting the book published, is involved and it has to be done so due to all the competition. And please do not get into this till you understand fully what’s involved…it may just be the difference between getting your book published and not.

By: Zekymann

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