The procedure of production and distribution of books or other forms of literature for the public is called publishing. In some instances, the author is his own publisher. He makes his literature then finds means of media for it to be disseminated to viewers.

A book is known as a collection or a set of blank, written, illustrated, or printed sheets which are made and produced with paper and/or different materials. These materials are fastened and compiled as one in order to form a hinge in one side. In a book, a leaf is the single sheet, while its both sides are known as its page. When a book is produced through an electronic format, this type of book is called the e-book.

Books also pertain to literary works. In information science and libraries, a book is known as a monograph, where in, this is vital in order for it to be differentiated from periodicals like journals, magazines, and newspapers. Written works as well as books are called literature. In a novel, a book can be compartmentalized into different sections like Book One, Book Two, Book Three, and so on and so forth.

A book lover is called with many terms such as a philobiblist, a bibliophile, or a bibliophilist, or in layman’s term, a bookworm. You can also buy books in a bookshop or bookstore. To borrow a book, you can just head on to libraries near you.

The usual book structure or parts include the following:

Front cover: soft cover (paperback) or hardbound; the one that connects the front and the rear cover is called a spine which is similar to a hinge

Front endpaper


Front matter


Title page

Copyright page

Table of contents

List of figures

List of tables






Body: the main contents or texts where the pages are found. These pages have page number and are often separated into sequential chapters. Appendix







Rear endpaper

Rear cover

The procedure of production and distribution of literature or other information for the public is called publishing. In some instances, the author is his own publisher. He makes his literature then finds means of media so that it can be disseminated to its viewers.

There are stages in publishing a book. These stages would include the following:

• Development

• Acquisition

• Copyediting

• Graphic design

• Production (Printing or Electronic)

• Marketing

• Distribution

The following are the steps on how to get your book to be published. These are:

Step One

Look for a professional editor for the work or literature that you have done. With this procedure, you are ensured that the book that you have made is polished and refined prior to giving to the publisher or agent.

Step Two

Look for an agent who would represent you and your work. A good agent will present your literature to publishers and guide you on the process of publishing. Know the agent’s experience, expected commission, interests, and recent sales before making a commitment.

Step Three

Give your query letter to various publishers whom you think would like your book best. The letter that you will send will give the description of the book that you have made and provide your reasons why it is worth publishing. Given that the publisher would look the idea of your book, they will forward a proposal to you.

Step Four

Provide the interested editors or publishers with your book proposal. Included in your book proposal is a 10 to 12 page sample, your reason for making the book as well as the author’s information. For nonfictional authors, they may send a proposal before completing their book. For fictional writers, a completed manuscript is expected during query.

Step Five

Wait for the response of the editor or publishers. If the book that you have made is accepted, you’d get a monetary offer. But if not, a rejection letter will be sent out to you, together with the reason why it cannot be published.

Step Six

Keep sending query letters to publishers until you receive an offer from your publisher. The key here is to study the responses of the editors and intertwine it in your work until you find a publisher who would take interest in your work.

Here is a list of known Book Publishers:

eBookMall Publishing Center

Abingdon Press

Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Accent on Living

Ace Science Fiction

Adams Media Corporation

Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.

African American Images

The Alban Institute

Almar Press

American Counseling Association

American Press

Amherst Media

The Amwell Press

Anchorage Press, Inc.

Andrews and McMeel

Arden Press, Inc.

Asian Humanities Press

Astro Communican Scvices, Inc.


Aztex Corp.

Bantman Doubleday Dell

Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.

Barbour and Company, Inc.

Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.

Beacon Press

Bear and Co., Inc.

Behrman House Inc.

Black Heron Press

Blackbirch Press, Inc.

Bloomberg Press

Blue Poppy Press

Blue Star Productions

Borgo Press

Boyds Mills Press

Brassey’s, Inc.

Brevet Press., Inc.

The Bureau For At-Risk Youth

Business McGraw-Hill


C Q Press

Caddo Gap Press

Cambridge Educational

Cambridge University Press

The Caxton Printers, Ltd.

Catbird Press

Center Press

Chatham Press

Chicago Review Press

Church Growth Institute

Circlet Press, Inc.

Citadel Press

Clarkson Potter

Coffee House Press

Country Sport Press

Champion Press

Computer Science Press

Confluence Press, Inc.

Consumer Press

Copper Canyon Press

CottonWood Press, Inc.


The Crossing Press

Dance Horizons

Dancing Jester Press

Darlington Productions, Inc.

Delacorte Press

The Denali Press

Devyn Press

Discipleship Resources

Dimi Press


Down Home Press

Duke Press


E.M. Press, Inc.

Eakin Press/Sunbelt Media, Inc.

Eastland Press

The Ecco Press

The Education Center, Inc.

Epicenter Press

Faber & Faber, Inc.

Facts on File, Inc.

Fairview Press

Fawcett Juniper

Fjord Press

Focal Press

Foghorn Press

Four Walls Eight Windows

The Free Press

Friends United Press

The Globe Pequot Press, Inc.

The Graduate Group

Green Bark Press

GreenHaven Press, Inc.

Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

Gryphon House, Inc

Half Halt Press, Inc.

The Harvard Common Press

Herald Press

Holiday House

Home Education Press

Jist Works, Inc.

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

Knowledge, Ideas & Trends, Inc.

Lake View Press

The Learning Works, Inc.

Libraries Unlimited

Living the Good News

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Media Bridge

Mercury House, Inc.

New Hope

New Leaf Press, Inc.

Nodin Press

W.W. North Co., Inc.

Nova Press

Oak Knoll Press

Octameron Associates

Orchises Press

Ortho Information Services


Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.

The Overlook Press

Owl Creek Press

Oxford University Press

Paper Chase Press

Pippin Press

Planners Press


Popular Culture Ink

Receipt Press

Price Stern Sloan, Inc.

The Putnam Berkley Group

QED Press

Random House, Inc.

Routledge, Inc.

SAS Institute, Inc.

Scholastic, Inc.

Serendipity Systems

Sergeant Kirkland’s

Slack, Inc.

The Smith

Social Science Education Consortium


The Speech Bin, Inc.

Spinsters Ink

Swan-Raven & Co.

Swedenborg Foundatin

Sybex, Inc.

Systems Co. Inc.

Texas State Historical Association

Transportation Trails

TSR, Inc.

Charles Tuttle Co.

Univelt, Inc.

VGM Career Horizons


Walker and Co.

Warner Aspect

Franklin Watts, Inc.

Samuel Weiser, Inc.

White Cliffs Media, Inc.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Wild Flower Press

Little Aspect

Sine there are many book publishers, the harder task is usually getting one to approve to your book. Thus, if you will heed criticisms and put it to good use, then add patience, you will soon be able to get your book published and hopefully released to the public.

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