Variety is the spice of life. Children need to have a variety of reading experiences if they are going to learn to make good decisions. Children’s books should be food for their thought process. There are two separate stories to each volume. This Manuscript is a story about a bear named Pearl. Pearl lives on a boat with her Mum and Dad.


The first adventure Hide and Seek reveals that Pearl was named after a pirate ship named the Black Pearl. Pearl cannot leave the boat without an adult because she might fall in the water.

Pearl enjoys playing Hide and Seek with her Mum and Dad on the boat. Pearl climbs up the ropes of the boat to play the game with her parents. Pearl’s Dad finds her.

After she is found, Pearl helps her Dad to find a pulley and fix the boat. After the pulley is found Pearl holds the wheel straight. After helping her Dad, Pearl is tired and goes in for the day.

This manuscript aims to show children what it’s like to live on a boat. It also shows the love between a child and his or her parents.”

Letter from Managing Director Dorrance Publishing

My editorial staff has completed the review of ‘Pearl’s Adventures Volume 1: Hide and Seek’ and has provided me with the attached readers report. I am pleased to advise you that we think your work would make a positive addition to our Dorrance Publishing list of titles.”

ROPES and COLOURS is the second story in PEARLS ADVENTURES VOL 1. Pearl is being shown the use of each rope on the boat. The ropes are different colours so Pearl can remember what they are used for.

Pearl also gets to play, and tidy the bundles of rope that are not being used. Sometimes she gets in a real mess, but Pearl tries to remember to always play safe.

Pearl listens very carefully as her Mum explains what the colour of the rope is and what that rope is used for. Not long after they had finished Pearl decided that she would like to tighten some of the ropes.

Pearl insisted on doing this until Mum gave in. Pearls Mum had already tried to explain that she may be too little, but that didn’t stop Pearl from trying.

This manuscript aims to educate children on some of the basics on the handling of a boat. It also shows that children do not always agree with their parents.

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Written by Helen Rogers.

By: Helen Rogers

About the Author:

I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My partner and I have built a yacht and now we are living on it.

I enjoy writing and now hopefully I will have more time to do so. I currently have two children’s books to my name which I thoroughly enjoyed creating. My intentions are to continue writing children’s books and possibly expanding into areas of lessons learned on our journey of boating and boat building.