Goodword Books is a publishing house, which is devoted to publishing morally healthy books, which inculcate sound values to the children. Though Goodword Books at present focuses on Islam and tries and bring books, which brings forward to the kids the Islamic morals and ideals, the philosophy behind Goodword’s venture is to promote peace, happiness, togetherness and respect for fellow human beings. Goodword books tries and create special rapport with the children by bringing out for them picture and storybooks with exquisite illustrations in watercolour. The Goodword books by the help of ideas taken from the Quran weaves stories for the children which become the rich source of sound moral education and at the same time a lot of fun for the children. The stories are very well written and suitably illustrated by the noted writers and illustrators for the children. The Goodword book employs all art of good storytelling, which leave children with awe, enthusiasm and create curiosity among the children for more knowledge. It has always been the endeavour of Goodword Books to produce more such meaningful books for the children. Goodword Books are as dedicated as ever to publishing books which children would love to read and enjoy and cherish for all life.

Besides children books Goodword books also publish books, which are more scholarly and meant for adult readers. The topics of such books range from history, religion, philosophy and language. Goodword books have produced a vast body of scholarly books on Islam and Islamic history. Noted scholars and academicians write all Goodword books. The rich collection of books on Islam presented by Goodword makes Goodword Books a leading name in the publication of rich, meaningful and the most authentic books on Islam.

The journey for the inception of the Goodword Books began much early with the humble attempt of the noted Islamic scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan who early on in his life felt the desire to give expression to his positive ideas by establishing the Islamic Centre in Delhi in 1970. The Maulana Wahiduddin Khan who was already a scholar of repute at that time and who had published many articles in various journals and newspapers felt the need to reach the receptive minds of the people with peace-loving message of Islam — and hence foster communal harmony and peaceful co-existence among different communities. And so to give shape to his ideas, he launched his first publication Al-Risala in Urdu in 1976, which was later, published in both Hindi and English languages. This magazine, which contained almost entirely his self-written articles, quickly acquired a wide circulation throughout the Urdu-speaking world. This magazine did much to awaken in Muslims a new awareness of their social responsibility. With this began the long and still continuing writing career of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. And thus came Goodword Books into existence, which initially published mainly Maulana’s own books and later books written by other distinguished scholars. Maulana’s tireless effort to present peace-loving message of Islam cut ice with majority Muslims who read his books with great interest.

By: Amjad Khan

About the Author:

28 years