Every family gathering that you attended, you were always able to earn the applause of everyone present who heard your fascinating stories. You felt you had so much success with your family that you decided to write your stories down and make them into a book.

However, before you embark on that crusade, you must first decide on how to make your book known. This is why eBooks are becoming more and more popular everyday. Writers from all over the world will go to eBook publishers in order to distribute their work faster and easier as well as to make it more accessible. Writing a book serves no purpose at all if you are unable to have it printed and circulated. Considering that everybody in your family regards you as the world’s greatest story teller, which you probably are, there is a lot of potential in your prospective endeavor which will only go to waste if you are unable to publish it.

Always bear in mind that publishing houses are extremely picky about the manuscripts that are submitted to them, primarily because of two factors, profitability and plagiarism. A publishing house will reject a carefully laid out manuscript if it feels it will not appeal to people other than the members of your family. So be sure to write extremely interesting and engaging stories that can sell any day of the year.

Plagiarism is another factor that publishers are equally sensitive about because a lot of publishing houses have been dragged to court, costing them hundreds of thousands in lawyer’s fees alone, because of copyright charges by other authors.

There are other publishing houses that also put into consideration the credentials of the author of the manuscript. So, in order to build up your credentials, you might want to send some of your sample stories to online publications or magazine, making sure that they credit this to your name so that you will be able to use them as references in the future.

After you finish writing, re-writing, and polishing your manuscript, let a professional, preferably an old time writer, who may be able to give you valuable inputs, read it. You could also opt to engage the services of a freelance editor to proof read and polish it further.

Once you feel your manuscript is ready, you can now begin to scout for a publisher who will be willing to circulate your book. You can do this yourself or you can do it through a literary agent. There are a lot of benefits in having a literary agent. For a usual commission of fifteen percent, they will find the right publisher, inform them about your work, negotiate contracts, submit your manuscript and essentially make sure that your book gets published.

Once your manuscript is submitted, there will be a period of waiting while the executives of the publishing house deliberate on your work. This sometimes takes a long time but do not get depressed, the delay is usually because of financial considerations rather than your book writing skills. When your manuscript finally gets published, it will be worth the long wait.