Remember to make your pages easy to read with some color, a few images and white space. The writing and actual formatting of an e-book is a whole other article that I am writing currently and hope to share with you soon.

After spending tons of money, several years and many-many hours online with my websites and e-book projects, I have gone through the ups and downs of the learning process of trying to sell e-books both for myself and for others.

One important choice you can make when just starting out is, are you going to sell the e-book or are you going to offer it for free to get your name out there with all your links and contact information you can visit This is called “viral marketing” with the purpose of having as many people as possible sharing and downloading your e-book. You can even offer your free e-book to websites as a joint venture for them to offer your e-book as their free bonus with their sales.

The key things that you will need to sell your e-book online are:

A website or webpage of your own or offer your e-book to an e-book website that may take a small fee and / or include your e-book in an affiliate program- A good sales page about the e-book – A quality e-book Cover Image – Graphics are key! A “Thank You” Download page from where your e-book is downloaded- Other Marketing Considerations may include:

Offering a Free Bonus E-Book – very important in this e-business to over deliver for the price! Set a budget to test some PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising such as Google Ads to drive traffic to your sales page- Exchange related links with quality websites with a good search engine ranking- Process a Press Release such as with PRWEB – Join e-book Forums and post messages with your e-book link- Take advantage of your email “Signature” to include your e-book or go to Title and sales page link in addition to telling friends and family- Start a BLOG about your e-book topic and include the link to your e-book sales page.

The important factor is not to go wild with over-spending on marketing. Test-test-test and research online for many more ways to promote your e-book. The best advice I can give if this is your first e-book, is to start another e-book right away that either expands on the chosen subject or another topic that you have a passion for. Remember, you can either try to do all of this publishing and promoting yourself, you can share the tasks, or you can have a professional guide you and produce a satisfactory product for you while you spend your time and energy writing your next e-book!

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By: Sharad Panwar

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