Writing a book is not as difficult or daunting as it sounds and can easily be turned into a very profitable home business.  Writing doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment or a huge financial investment.  In fact the only tools you will really need are a computer, a word processor and a good amount of uninterrupted dedicated time.  I’m guessing the latter is probably the most difficult thing for most of us to come by but there are some ideas it might help to remember.

Writing a book doesn’t all have to be done at one time or in one sitting, so don’t be discouraged by the idea that you might only have a few minutes to dedicate to your book every day.  No matter what your topic may be, making a clear outline for your book can be roughed out with only a few minutes of brainstorming.  Once you learn how to put your workflow in order writing about any subject becomes a breeze.  And finally, YOUR BOOK DOES NOT HAVE TO BE 300 PAGES LONG to be a bestseller or very profitable for you!

When it comes to writing there’s really nothing to it but to do it.  It’s the process of publishing that can be your biggest stumbling block.  These days when it comes to publishing you have three major options.

1.)    Traditional Publishing.  Traditional publishing means once you finish writing your manuscript you submit it to a publishing house through a third party called a “literary agent”.  Most traditional publishing companies such as Random House or Simon & Schuster will NOT accept or read manuscripts submitted directly by authors but instead rely on literary agents to read and pitch them the gist of your book.  

On top of that, not every literary agent will review every type of books or story so if you intend to go the traditional route you will have to shop for and petition an agent to represent your work.

2.)    Independent Publishing.  Also known as “self-publishing” means that you can get your manuscript published by a self-publishing house like Xlibris or iUniverse without the need to find an agent to read and promote your work.  It’s a lot easier for beginners to take this route as there are far fewer frustrating obstacles and there is a substantially faster turnaround time to see your finished book in print.

However there are some important differences to consider between traditional and independent publishing.  In general it probably won’t cost you anything up front to find an agent and get your book published traditionally other than time.  Most legitimate agents WON’T charge to read your manuscript or submit it to publishers, but the down side is that the publisher and the agent generally get to keep about 90% of the profit from your sales.

On the other hand IT WILL COST YOU upfront to have your book published independently.  The bright side is there is no lengthy approval process, you get to keep more of your own profits and you can usually see your work in print within about 3 months from the time you submit your manuscript.  

3.)    Online Publishing.  Your third option for publishing is convert your manuscript to PDF format once you finish writing it on your computer and upload it to online bookstores like Lulu.com.  You can do this in combination with your printed book IF you choose to go with an independent publisher like Xlibris, but you will likely be on a contract that prohibits you from selling your book elsewhere if you decided to go with a traditional publisher.

Once you have your book uploaded to a website like Lulu it will be available for sale immediately at whatever price you decide to charge for it.  With online publishing your book could literally be for sale and earning you money within MINUTES of the time you finish writing it without any hassle, approval process OR setup fees.      

After you finish writing and publishing your book the only thing left to do is market it.    If you found this information helpful and are really serious about writing and publishing and would like to learn more please come visit my website: www.showme-tellme.com.   I have prepared a complete easy to follow step-by-step guide that will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to go about writing, publishing AND marketing your very own book.  I will show you everything you need to know from the time you start writing until the day you collect your first royalty check.  Just think of how good it will feel when you can introduce yourself as an author.

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